Thursday, March 14, 2013

Call me Flush Gordon

I'm over 50 now and it's time to take my health seriously, including the less desirable parts.  That said, I headed up to Decatur on Monday, March 11th for a meeting with my gastroenterologist.  I never thought I'd have one of those.  After my appointment the receptionist told me there was a cancellation for a "procedure" the following Friday.  I said sign me up!  I'm guess I'm just lucky that way.

With my next appointment scheduled and a list of items to buy in-hand Susan and I stopped at the store to stock up on the way home.  I could eat broth, chicken or beef, popsicles, Gatorade, and Lime Jello.  Yummy!   I'd use this wide assortment of delicious treats to wash down 2 Dulcolax laxative tablets at 3pm, 8.3 ounces (238 grams) or 14 once-daily doses of Miralax in 64 ounces of Lemon-Line Gatorade at 5pm, followed 20 minutes later by a bottle of Magnesium Citrate, and topped off with 2 more Dulcolax tablets at 8pm.

The last thing on the list was Charmin.  I wouldn't want to run out of that.

And when the Charmin just won't cut it anymore, the bidet will come in handy.  I sure am glad we have one of those.

I'm only a few hours into the fasting and I'm already starving.  I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth before I even realized it...but I spit it out.  The big question is how will this affect my performance during the Tour de Pike century ride on Saturday.

Thanks for reading.