Monday, March 11, 2013

Tony's at Brentwood

Southern Crescent Cycling gained a new club sponsor the other day, and Susan and I thought we'd check it out.  Tony's at Brentwood is a local pizzeria only a few miles from our home.  The bike club had a board meeting at Tony's on Thursday night.  I was unable to attend.  The next day Susan informed me that she was unwilling to make me lunch.  As anyone who knows me knows, I can't feed myself so, undeterred we both went to Tony's for a quick bite before I left for work. 

When you open the door you're immediately struck by the warm smell of pizza baking in the oven.  Susan had the caprese panini and I had the cold cut panini.  It was delicious!  Tony makes the panini bread with pizza dough in-house.  Susan also remarked the pizza she had the night before was top notch.  Tony's is also known for his mama's Lasagna with homemade pasta noodles.  You've got to try it, we plan to.

Antonio "Tony" Bortone was there with his daughter, so we had a chance to talk to them a little. Tony, a native of New York, is retired from the US Army where he was a musician.  He got interested in cycling when he was stationed in Korea.  When Tony returned to the states he often rode a bike to work at Fort Gillem.  Now, with the restaurant, he has less time to ride but still has a stable of bikes ready to go.  Not just a road biker, Tony has ridden his mountain bike at The Beach in Jonesboro, the Georgia International Horse Park, and Dauset Trails in Jackson.

Tony's at Brentwood
Italian Cold Cut Panini
Antonio "Tony" Bortone
Tony's at Brentwood is located at 1005 Brentwood Pkwy., Stockbridge, GA 30281.  They deliver to about a 3-mile radius from the restaurant.  Tony's also serves wine and beer.

Thanks Tony for supporting the club.

Thanks for reading.