Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lake Spivey OWS

Today, I had my longest open water swim since Ironman Florida 2011.  I decided, as of yesterday, to do the same things that I've been doing, just more of it.  My typical open water swim session might have been forty or 50 minutes in length.  Today I swam 2.25 miles in about 85 minutes.  I need to get my body used to going longer distances.  Yesterday's 72 mile bike and subsequent run showed me that.  I'm feeling good about my first real week of training though.  I suspect that I'll close out the week well ahead of my planned training.

The lake was choppy.  It was probably the choppiest I've ever in the lake.  I got a snoot full of water twice.

I broke up my swim into two segments - out and back. 

For some reason the lake looks smooth in the above picture as I start the second segment of my swim.  It must have been a fluke!

My swim is done.  I had a 2:06 / 100m pace out and a 2:10 / 100m pace on the return.  I'd like to get that down to around 1:45 by November.

Susan followed me in the kayak.  She thinks I'm gonna drown.  I hope not!

When we got home we found that we have some new neighbors.  A mother wren built a nest on our gutter downspout.  I hope they make it.  We have hungry hawks all over the place.  The last time we had baby birds I'm pretty sure that they got eaten.

Thanks for reading.