Friday, July 5, 2013

Blue Seventy Helix

I bought myself a new wetsuit for my birthday, (thank you Susan).  It's a 2012 Blue Seventy Helix which is not completely new.  I found it for sale on Slowtwitch for half the retail price of a new 2013 wetsuit.  A brand new Helix wetsuit sells for $650.00, so $300.00 wasn't a bad deal at all.

I already have a Blue Seventy Reaction wetsuit that I bought in 2010.  My old suit had finally gotten a few nicks in it, so with Augusta only 85 days away, I thought I'd better check my options.  Since I was happy with the fit of my Reaction suit I decided to stay with Blue Seventy.  I just happened upon the Helix for sale and decided to go for it.

I'm hopeful that the new suit will improve my swim time by a few minutes during the 2.4 mile swim in Florida in November.  I swam the 2.4 miles in 1:16:35 in 2011.  That equates to a 1:59 pace per 100 meters.  I'd like to reduce that time to 1:10:00 which would be a 1:49 pace per 100 meters.  I'm pretty sure that a new wetsuit can't do all that so I'd better improve my mechanics as well.

Yes that's the Tour de France on the television in the background.

Thanks for reading.