Saturday, July 20, 2013

Panola Mountain State Park

Susan and I stopped at the isolated Daniels Bridge Road free parking area before moving to the more popular and more secure Alexander Lake $5 per day parking area on Flat Bridge Road.

Daniels Bridge Road parking area
I'd recommend paying the $5.  The Alexander Lake area is patrolled even on weekends.

Me and Susan before the ride from the Alexander Lake parking area
The trails were not crowded in fact there were very few people using them on the sunny Saturday that we were there.  We saw no runners or walkers.  From what I heard later much of the trails are new and the word probably hasn't gotten out to the fitness community.

The trails winding up a hill

Two things that you notice immediately is the 1) Panola Mountain is in the flight path for aircraft arriving at Atlanta Hartfield-Jackson Airport, and 2) the trails are either going up or going down.

One of many aircraft over Panola Mountain
The approximate fourteen foot wide trails have the occasional bench and this monument to Marley and Ramon Castro.

The end of the trail we rode had a small park and parking area.

South Rockdale parking area
Rules of the trail
There's lots of pretty scenery along the way with a small bridge here and there.  The South River can just be seen at times through the thick trees.

The view from one of the bridges
We ran into our friend Joel on our return to the trail head 
See more of my pictures from the new Panola Mountain State Park trails here.

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