Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OWS in my Helix Wetsuit

With all the clouds and rain in Georgia lately I had the opportunity on Tuesday to wear my wetsuit far sooner in the year that I would have expected.  The water temperature was still 81-degrees which was a few degrees warmer than the air temperature.

After some wrangling I finally got my wetsuit on.  Fortunately I just found the two sticks of Bodyglide and one can of TriSlide that I misplaced during the Try Charleston 70.3 back in April.  That was a bad weekend. It's a shame that I replaced them both already.  I'm sure it will all get used between now and November.

This was only my second time wearing the Helix wetsuit and I found that it sure was hard to get into and out of.  I'll need the services of a stripper until it gets stretched out.  

I didn't notice any drastic increase in my pace but that should come.  I need to get in the water with my kick board and learn to use my legs more effectively.

After the swim I ran 6.1 miles on my usual course on Emerald Drive.  I've got to pat myself on the back because I had only a few hours of sleep that morning before biting the bullet and sticking to my plan.  It would have been real easy to stay on the couch and watch TV.  It's so easy to get behind the curve when I miss a day.

Thanks for reading.