Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Liquid Logic Remix XP9 Kayak

Now that the cycling season is over I need a break to recharge my batteries, so to speak.  I haven't ridden my bike(s) since Ironman Florida (and I'm getting fat).  It's cold in Atlanta now that Fall is here and I don't relish the thought of rolling down the road at 20+ mph wearing 3 layers of clothes.  And then there's the issue of my fingers being numb and the river of snot that always comes with the cold weather.  It's not just my snot that can be a problem.  More than once I've ridden through the fine mist of someone else's nose fluid courtesy of a misdirected or poorly timed snot rocket.

While I was training for IMFL I didn't spend much time doing recreational stuff with Susan.  She would follow me in her kayak as I swam but that wasn't really together time.  We couldn't talk, I mean I couldn't listen.  To rectify the matter we decided to buy a kayak for me so we can kayak together.  Susan and I bought a recreational kayak at Costco about a year ago.  That's what Susan has been paddling.  As she expected, and I never disappoint, a recreational kayak just didn't have a high enough fun factor for me.  I bought a mango colored 2013 Liquid Logic Remix XP9.  For disclosure purposes - I have never kayaked in my life.  I bought the XP9 after doing minimal research on-line.  It sure does look cool though!

The XP9 is a crossover kayak.  That means it's good (but not great) for flat water kayaking, like in a lake, and light whitewater kayaking.  There is also an XP10.  It's bigger and designed for larger boaters.  Since Susan and I plan to mostly use our kayaks on Georgia lakes the XP9 should be perfect.

I ordered the kayak from Austin Kayak.  Shipping was free.  It only took about 3 days to get here from Texas to Atlanta.  I couldn't wait a day to have it delivered so I drove to the delivery company and picked it up in my truck.

Kayak Pickup
Front View
Rear View
Bad-Ass Outfitting Seat
Ratchet Style Seat Adjuster
Velcro Seat Padding Mount
Seat Fit Kit
The Liquid Logic website has two nice videos describing how to install the fit kit and adjust the Bad Ass Outfitting seat.  See them here and here, respectively.

Foot Post
Skeg Lever
Skeg Lever Cable Attachment
Spring Loaded /Retractable Skeg
Gear Compartment
Inside the Gear Compartment
Test Drive
I haven't gotten it wet yet but I've been practicing in the garage.  I bought an inexpensive fiberglass Force 220cm paddle from Dick's Sporting Goods just to get it in the water.   Any other accessories will have to come later.  I already have a personal flotation device (PFD) that I've used water-skiing.  That should do for now.  I suspect that my first time out will be a bit colder than I'd like so some of my winter cycling gear will come in handy.

In the meantime I may have to take the old mountain bike for a spin as I wait for a warm day.  It's been hanging from the ceiling in the garage since last Winter and it's time to bring her down.

My Trek Fuel 8 Mountain Bike
Thanks for reading.

The kayak's cockpit size is 21" wide - 36 1/2" long - 94 1/4" circumference.