Friday, January 10, 2014

Kyma Restaurant

The Map Dancers made it to another Atlanta restaurant on Friday, January 3rd.  The Hoochie Map Dancers are a group of Metro Atlanta residents, and a few former and non-Atlanta residents, that meet to try-out different restaurants.  We usually try restaurants with ethnic fare. Over the past two and a half years we've had Korean, Italian, French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Persian, and American when we felt the need.  Previous restaurants we've visited and I've reviewed are BhojanicSabores del Plata, The Shed at Glenwood, and Woo Nam Jeong.  The group has been to others restaurants but I don't always have time to either attend the dinner or write a review.  Of course not everyone can make it to every dinner but we've had a good crowd lately.  We usually try to meet about six times each year.

This trip took the Map Dancers to Kyma.  Kyma serves Greek food.  It's fine dining!  You'll find Kyma located next to The Buckhead Diner on Piedmont Road.  The address is 3085 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305.  The restaurant is part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group which features over half a dozen popular Atlanta eateries.

We arrived early as we expected a large group of diners.

Kyma Restaurant - Atlanta (Buckhead)
They started service with pita bread.  There was olive oil and ground pepper too.

The pita bread was followed with a round of Zucchini Fritters with saffron yogurt.

After the Zucchini Fritters we had PAN-FRIED CHEESE “SAGANAKI" Kefalograviera Cheese, Barbayanni Ouzo, Lemon.

Then it was on to the Tomato Salad.  A traditional country salad “horiatiki,” tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, and a fabulous feta cheese.

The entree was Lavraki - Greece • a.k.a. European sea bass, mild flavor, moist and flaky.

The fish was served with the stuff below.  I'm not sure what it was but it tasted pretty good.

Now that you've seen the food it's time to see our friends.  As Susan and I have grown to know some of these folks we've really started to enjoy their company.  We come from all walks of life.  From retirees, to young couples with new families, well traveled and not so well traveled.  It's hard for Susan and I to go anywhere with the "Big Dog" at home.

Dudley and Valla
Tasha, Debbie, Susan and Vicky
Joyce and Duncan
Here's Johnny!
Frank and Julia
Jim and Mary Ann
Polly and Mike
Andrew and Katie
Susan and Neil (me)
A few of the beverages that were partaken
We had three desserts.  Loukoumades Greek dessert fritters with chopped walnuts and cinnamon, topped with honey from Pelopones.

Baklava rolled version with pistachio ice cream and candied pistachios.

We also had the banana “kantaifi” slow roasted in shredded filo, flourless chocolate cake, yogurt ice cream for dessert.  I forgot to take a picture!

This may have been our most fun Map Dancers outing to date.  We had a big turnout - maybe our biggest - although not all the members that have attended other dinners made it to Kyma that night.  We had several designated drivers so those that did partake in the wine were able to enjoy themselves without the risk of driving while impaired.  The standard risks of driving in Atlanta still apply.  

After the dinner Vicky gave Susan and I some smoked salmon to try.  We can't wait.  Vickie works at Inland Seafood and is a wealth of knowledge regarding Atlanta's restaurant scene.     

The dinner was definitely a success.  The food, service, and accommodations were great.  Our group had a screened private area in the back of the restaurant.

One more thing that made the night great.  I lost my wallet.  There's nothing worse than losing your wallet unless, after some searching and 5 minutes of panic, you find that someone has found it and turned it in to the restaurant.  It must have fallen out of my lap as the valet took my car.  I got my wallet back and was able to pay the restaurant tab so we didn't have to wash any dishes.  And I was the sober one!

Thanks for reading.