Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First OWS of 2014 in Lake Spivey

Today was my first Open Water Swim of 2014 as I start my training for the Swim Across America on May 4th.  The water temperature is about 10-degrees warmer than it was less than two weeks ago.  I measured 65.5 degrees in the cove where I started my swim.  I think that was a warm spot.

I realized how cold the water was after I jumped off of the dock.  It was so cold that I thought I was Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie Titanic.  The part of the movie when he and Kate Winslet are clinging to a door in the north Atlantic.  I was clinging to my wife's kayak for dear life.  As the water leaked into my wetsuit from every possible crack and crevice I had second thoughts about continuing.   After about two minutes I regained my composure and headed out.  

I set my sights on something easily attainable for my first swim of the year.

I swam a total of one mile - one half of a mile out and one half of a mile back.  I never did get warm but the water did get tolerable and my hands and feet didn't get numb.

Thanks for reading.