Monday, August 4, 2014

Huffy Millbrook

Last year my wife and I were riding our bikes through our neighborhood. As we did one of our neighbors rode up beside us. He had seen us on our bikes many times before and wanted us to know that he was a cycling enthusiast as well. His name is Mohammad. He's from Africa or France, or both. I know that he said he has a farm in Africa and that he went to school in France, or something. I think he went to engineering school in France.

Mohammad rode up to meet us and told us all about how his faithful bike had taken him from the south part of Chicago to college or work somewhere in downtown Chicago. He seemed to get great enjoyment in telling us how he rode along Lake Shore Drive and we enjoyed listening. Those rides were over ten years ago but he still has his bike. It isn't an expensive bike, no aluminum or carbon fiber. It's a heavy steel Huffy Millbrook but it looked brand new except for the fact that he's had a bit of a problem keeping air in the tires.

Mohammad caught up with us again on Sunday morning as we walked the neighborhood.  He loaned me his bike so I could ride it and take a few pictures. Here they are.

Test drive - no helmet
Mohammad's Huffy Millbrook
Shimano 3-Speed Automatic
The bike has a 3-speed automatic gearing system but I wasn't able to get it out of whatever gear it was in when I started my ride. It probably needs some oil or adjustment, or both.

Gear system thingy
Gear system other thingy
The other side
Tire gauge
I'm pretty sure that Mohammad doesn't ride his bike much any more.  Most of the times that we see him he's working on his impeccably manicured lawn. Who has time to ride when you've got weeds to kill and shrubs to trim!  It's clear though that those brief moments when he is on his bike it brings back fond memories.

I wonder if he watched any of the 2014 Tour de France.  I hope he did!

Thanks for reading.