Thursday, August 21, 2014

Margate City 10K Run

My friend and coworker Scott, a Ragnar Relay Race enthusiast, and I decided to go for a run in Margate City, New Jersey.  We were in New Jersey for work but didn't have to report until the afternoon so we took the opportunity to run in the cool morning hours.  Our thoughts were to run on the boardwalk so we headed toward Margate in our car planning to run 4-6 miles.  We passed over the toll bridge ($1.50 each way) and entered Margate City via Margate Blvd.  We parked close to the beach on S. Mansfield Avenue before walking to the beach.  News Flash!  There is no boardwalk in Margate City.  We decided to run in the bike lane instead.

We ran south to the end of the island and back again, passed our starting point and continuing on to S. Fredericksburg Avenue where we turned around and ran back.  The bike lane was wide and there was plenty of space to accommodate the numerous runners, cyclists and walkers.  Our route took us by what must be some of the finest homes in the area.  The homes were beautiful, the lawns were well landscaped, and the streets were clean.  I saw only a very small amount of trash.  We even saw a street sweeper actively going about the business of cleaning the streets as we ran.

Apparently it's a requirement to have two children in Margate City and when you do you must strap them into a jogging stroller and push them along the bike lanes.  During our short run, Scott and I saw four double jogging strollers being pushed by either a man or a woman.  No single strollers, just double strollers.  Another point worth noting is that these kids all seemed to be larger than your standard 2 year old.
I think I've found my place to run.  I've included a few pictures that Scott and I took the following day when we ran the same route.

The bike lane along Atlantic Avenue
Me before I took my new Nathan SpeedDraw Plus water bottle carrier for its first test drive.
Scott before the complaining started.
A very nice home on Atlantic Avenue in Margate City
A very nice home on the bay side of the island
A portion of our route took us along the bay side of the island where we saw folks fishing.
Scott was very excited to meet Lucy the elephant
Pachyderm Pic
Q: When is a bright yellow Corvette just not enough? 
A: When a bright yellow Ferrari parks right behind you.
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