Sunday, September 21, 2014

Amphipod AirFlow Waistpack Review

I had the opportunity to go by a local running store this weekend and decided to pick up a new AirFlow Waistpack by Amphipod for $26.99 USD.  I'll be doing some running in the Washington DC area soon and I wanted to be able to bring my cellphone with me without it being a nuisance (or dropping it).

I chose the Airflow because I felt that it should work well as I run through the streets of DC stopping at various points of interest to take pictures.  In the meantime, I've included some pictures of my new acquisition below.  But first, here is the list of features indicated on the product tag.

Fully-breathable, Ultra-light, ergonomically engineered
  • Patented AirFlow Technology - Efficiently holds all you need
  • 2 large internal compartments for fuel, bars and electronics with sweat/weather protective main compartment
  • 3 divided internal pockets for cash, keys, cards, phone & dual quick access external pockets
  • Exclusive no-bounce comfort stretch wait straps
  • Fully cushioned and non-chafing
I'd say that all the features listed above are true.  The pack is large, vented, and comfortable.  The pack fit snugly against my back and didn't bounce at all.  It's worth noting that the belt is a one-size fits all configuration.  It fit me right off the rack.

The waistpack mesh cargo compartment
The backside of the cargo compartment, elastic band and snap 
Inside the cargo compartment
One of two small mesh compartments
The waistpack with my cellphone inside
I completed a 15 mile run with it this morning and found that at some points I forgot I was wearing it.  This was my first run with Atlanta Southside Runners.  Many of them are training for the Soldier Marathon in Columbus, Georgia on November 8th.  I might have been a bit distracted by the other stuff I had on like my headlamp and my Nathan Speeddraw Plus water bottle.

Overall, I'm happy with the AirFlow Waistpack.  It's large enough to accommodate my Samsung Galaxy s5 cellphone with an Otter Box with plenty additional room for keys and gel packs.  Since I refuse to wear two belts my hydration will have to come via the hand bottle.

Thanks for reading.