Sunday, October 26, 2014

Atlantic City Boardwalk Night Run

My New Jersey training buddy Scott and I took off for a 9.5 mile run on the Atlantic City boardwalk.  We started at the Ventnor/Margate city boundary line, where the boardwalk starts, and ran north to Atlantic City.  In Atlantic City we turned around at the end of the boardwalk at S. Victoria Avenue, the 4.75 mile point.  Our run ended back at the city line near S. Martindale Avenue.  We both missed our run the previous day due to rain so we decided to add a few miles this night to make up for it.  Our typical distance has been about 6.2 miles.

Our route on the boardwalk was empty.  There were few runners, walkers or other visitors.  The season and recent casino closings must be taking their toll on the area.  The weather earlier in the day was wet and windy which could also account for the lack of people.  By sunset the rain had stopped but the wind was still strong.  We were surprised to find that the entire length of the boardwalk was well lit.

Scott in the distance running north on the boardwalk toward Atlantic City

After our run Scott and I posed for pictures. You'll notice the difference in our running attire.

Scott wearing only shorts and a t-shirt
Me wearing tri-shorts, running tights, a cotton t-short, a long-sleeve running shirt, beanie, and running gloves
Long runs like this should help me prepare for training in the winter months in Atlanta for the Publix Georgia Marathon in March.

Thanks for reading.