Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cape May NJ Trip

A Saturday in New Jersey does not beat a Saturday in Georgia however, if you do find yourself on the Jersey coast as I did recently, a trip to Cape May seems to be a required destination.  Scott, Fausto and I fulfilled that requirement on Saturday with a short drive from Egg Harbor to this most southern city in New Jersey.  The plan was to eat some lunch and then look for some "beach glass" for Scott's wife - "one man's trash is another man's treasure" was the running joke.

Scott's preferred restaurant for lunch in Cape May was the Good Earth Organic Eatery.  He ate there with another coworker on a previous trip to NJ last month.  He returned this time with Fausto and I.  They were closed.

Vegan Restaurant - closed for the birth of a baby
There were 4 flies still inside the closed restaurant
Our second choice for lunch was Bella Vida Café
I include pictures of Scott's vegan dishes only to be kind to him and make him feel included.  I'm sure no one else on earth cares about a sandwich of lettuce, beans, avocado, and some sort of fake meat.

Scott's Veggie Wrap
My Ham and Turkey Panini
The birds
Scott just arrived as this group finished taking wedding pictures
Fausto, equipped with trifocal glasses, was the beach glass finding champion of the day
Fausto and Scott somewhere near the 4 mile point of the beach glass hunt
The Cape May Lighthouse - almost there!
Sand, rocks and shells - no beach glass
One of three access ramps to the Cape May Lighthouse
Cape May Lighthouse visitors center
The remains of a WWII Lookout Tower in the distance
The remains of a WWII Lookout Tower close up - Keep Off!
Rocks on  the beach (courtesy of Scott)
Fausto commented after Scott took this picture about three guys on the beach at sunset.  Very funny Fausto!

Dudes on the beach (courtesy of Scott)
Scott's meager haul of "beach glass"
That's one way to kill a Saturday in New Jersey.  Check that off the to-do list.  I tend to look at destinations with one question in mind "would I run or ride my bike here?  I don't think I would run or ride in Cape May.  Especially during peak tourist season.  I can image lots of distracted drivers unfamiliar with their surroundings continuously looking at their GPS for the next turn.  Fortunately, I had two navigators to help me get lost.

However, on the bright side, the area is as clean as one could expect  For example, in what must have been over 7 miles of walking on the beach, I only saw one (1) cigarette butt and one (1) plastic blunt butt.  The beach is so clean that it almost feels sterile or sanitized.  That's not a bad thing!

Thanks for reading.