Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Team EVO/SCC in Nicaragua

I received a message today via e-mail from EVO/SCC (Evolution Cycling / Southern Crescent Cycling) racing team captain Jorge Collado.  I'm so proud of these guys.  I thought I'd republish a portion of that e-mail here and include a few images that I grabbed off of Facebook.


This is just to give everyone a heads up on how team “EVO/SCC” did in our final race of this year which was held in South America “Leon Nicaragua” this past week from the 20th of November thru the 23rd of November.

Our team represented our colors with much pride and respect over the past week. Our team consisted of the following members:

  1. Leo “The Speedster” Marquez 
  2. Jorge “El Cuna” Collado 
  3. Modesto “ Junior” Diaz 
  4. Kenny “ El Doctor” Gilead 
  5. Johnny Mayero 
  6. Mario Rodriguez 
  7. Jorge “El Turco” Milas

Our Team swept with all the general classification. We won the “OVERALL JERSEY”, we also won the “SPRINT JERSEY” we also won the “TEAM CLASSIFICATION”. We had five of our guys finish in the top 10 position of the overall classification.

  • Leo Marquez was crowned with the overall jersey and the sprint jersey as well to become the champion of the master “B” division.
  • Junior Diaz came in a second place in the overall behind Leo in the master “B” division.
  • Kenny Gilead came in second in the sprint classification in the master “B” division.
  • Jorge Collado came in the top ten of the overall classification in the master “B” division.
  • Johnny Mayer won several of stages in the master’s “C” division.
  • Mario Rodriguez came in 5th in the overall classification in the “C” division as well.
  • Jorge Milas took several of podiums as well and placed in the top 5 of the overall general classification in the master’s “A” division.

What a team effort!!!!

“CHAMPS IN NICARAGUA“ what a way to end the 2014 season for our team “EVO/SCC”...

Congratulations to all and thank you all for the fabulous season that we all had as a team and family….



The team 
The team again
Andy Scarano is also shown.  Andy was a great help to the team, from what I hear.  Thanks Andy!

We're looking forward to a great 2015.

I'm so proud of these guys!