Friday, January 30, 2015

Home Projects

For the past few months its been one project after the another at the Farmer house.  Susan and I have been refinishing our basement.  That's a project that I started in 2007 after a minor water leak layed waste to the cave that had been our basement constructed by our home's previous owner.  The word cave might lead one to believe that no expense had been spared to create some sort of manly oasis but that was not the case.  The end result of their project was more akin to an actual cave complete with cramped low ceilings, a funky layout, and lots of bugs.  For my basement re-do project, as the joke goes; If I told you I'll do something, that means I'll do it.  You don't have to keep reminding me every six months.  It's been a 6+ year project that's likely to continue.

Our new basement project, when finished, should provide much more usable space.  Tile as opposed to the previously installed carpet should be a much better option.

Before I (we) could finish the basement project, Susan had us re-doing the shower in our master bath.  It was another project that needed attention long ago but I had successfully put off until now.

We started out with this white tiled and gold trimmed relic from the 1990's.

After a lot of this.

...and some of this.

We ended up with this.  A nice new shower.

With some professional help the shower project took us two months to complete.

As the shower project came to a close I decided to get rid of U-Verse and go to DirecTv and Comcast.  I chronicled that adventure in a blog entitled Goodbye U-Verse!

Susan wanted a storm door on the basement door.  So, I installed one of those too.

Then we have our latest project which started on January 2nd.  After five years the tenants in our rental house have moved out after purchasing a home of their own.  Susan and I took the opportunity to perform some long needed deferred maintenance.  After almost a month we're pretty much done and ready for new tenants.  We painted the ceilings, wall, and portions of the exterior.

Between the expense of the new shower and the rental house we've had an expensive few months.   I'm glad it's over and I can return to my marathon training plan.  The Publix Georgia Marathon is less than 8 weeks away.

This blog is basically for my wife so that when I tell her that I've got to go out for a run or bike I'll have the ammunition I need when she says something like "you never do stuff around the house".   She uses the same tactic when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents.  She'll tell me I didn't get her anything and since I didn't write it down I can't remember and can't argue otherwise.  If I can register, my training for the 2016 Ironman Chattanooga triathlon will start soon, so I'll need as much ammunition (completed chores) as I can get.  As anyone who has trained for one of these races will know, they are all consuming.  Training takes you away from your family, work, home, and your chores.
  • Refinish the basement - partial-check
  • Re-do the Master Bath shower - check
  • New Internet and TV service - check (that's an item from my to-do list)
  • Storm door - check
  • Work like a dog at the rental house - check
Thanks for reading.