Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pho Life Restaurant

Me and my crew ate at Pho Life restaurant last night.  The restaurant which serves Vietnamese cuisine sits beside Maurizio's Pizzeria & Italian restaurant in the Hamilton Commons shopping center near the Regal Cinemas and Marshalls in Mays Landing, NJ.

Ed, Fausto, Micky, and Devin - The Crew
Spring rolls and sauce with peanuts

Basel, Lemon Grass, Sprouts, and sliced Jalapenos 
The House Special w/o added Sprouts, Lemon Grass, Basel, or sliced Jalapenos 
The House Special with said Sprouts, etc.
The Crew departs
The restaurant serves a wide assortment of dishes.  My House Special was probably really good for me but, I must admit, it wasn't really flavorful.  The broth is light with no added spices that my non-discerning palate could detect.  The meats were interesting and the noodles plentiful albeit stringy.  I suppose that I want to compare the noodles to spaghetti and the meat to something my wife might cook i.e., free range and grass fed.  They were not like either.

Overall the meal was good and there were no complaints from the crew.  For some this was their second trip in a week to the restaurant.  I suppose that says something.

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  1. Thank you for writing your honest opinion about Pho Life! Pho is made very bland, just a little bit of salt and sugar, so that you can taste the beef bones in the broth. The broth is very nutritious from the 24 hours of simmering the bones. To add a little flavor, we use hoisin and Sriracha. Please ask for me, Rosita, I am the owner, and I will be happy to go through our menu with you and how the food is eaten. It looks like everyone in your party eats healthy with the noodle salads and Pho. I am glad to see everyone trying something different from our menu! Thanks again for stopping in.
    Rosita Nguyen

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