Monday, October 5, 2015

1 Hour Trainer Rides

I've seen some improvement in my four recent 1 hour bike trainer sessions.  My first three sessions, similar to my recent training runs, showed faster average speeds with each subsequent ride.  The fourth ride was done after mowing my lawn and an adjacent wooded area for 3 hours so I decided not to push it.

Last four 1 Hour Trainer Rides on Garmin Connect

If nothing else I'm increasing my metabolism and burning calories with no risk of getting killed out on the road.  I'm building a base and working toward losing those 20-lbs of extra fat that will keep me from being competitive.

Incidentally, I use a CyclOps JetFluid Pro trainer with the climbing block and training mat.  A Cyclops Bike Thong is also a must. I'm not one who sweats a lot but without a fan to cool me off I tend to sweat a bit more than is probably good for my bike.  I usually lay a few dry wash clothes over the thong to protect my bike even more and wipe the sweat from my face when needed.  That's usually how I knock my glasses off of my head.

CyclOps JetFluid Pro bike trainer
I'm on my way to a winter of fun filled trainer rides.

I'm still waiting to get into the water for the first time in months.  Unlike 2013 I won't be focusing on the swim for Ironman Chattanooga.  I swam over 100 miles in the open water that year with little improvement.  My mechanics are too far gone to worry about.  I'm a confident middle-of-the pack (MOP) swimmer so it's the bike and run where I'll put my attention during the next 12 months.

Thanks for reading.