Sunday, October 4, 2015

CliC Reading Glasses

About a decade ago I finally succumbed to the first signs of aging. I started to lose my perfect vision. So goes the vision, then goes the memory.  I'll get to that in a minute. In May I was crawling out from under the cover of my little boat at the dock on Lake Spivey when my expensive pair of prescription Oakley glasses fell off my head and into the lake. I saw them hit the water and quickly grabbed for them. I was too slow. Fortunately I knew exactly where they went in and the water was only about 4 feet deep. I hopped into the water and felt around in what I found to be a maze of sticks, pine cones, rocks, and mud. I couldn't find them after about twenty minutes of searching. I gave up and vowed to return with a rake or some other tool to improve my chances of recovery. I returned two weeks later with a rake and waterproof flashlight. I jumped in the water and started my search anew. Neither of these tools helped my search. All I did was stir up the mud. I tossed the rake and flashlight aside and used my bare hands to feel around for the glasses in the mud. Eventually I found them about 5 feet from where I thought they should be.

Recovered Oakley Prescription Glasses
Only then did I realize that when I jumped into the lake I wearing my trusty CliC glasses around my neck.  Somehow while I was in the lake they came off of my head.  Now I had lost that pair of glasses. If only I had remembered I was wearing them. I didn't even look for them.

The CliC glasses fill a niche. I find that they're great for wearing on the bike trainer because they won't fall off when I'm sweaty and rocking to and fro.  And, I can't see my bike computer well without glasses.  I wrote about the CliCs in 2013 in my blog - Glasses for the Trainer.  If my regular style glasses fall off I've either got to stop to recover them or continue my ride without them.  Neither of these options are optimal.

Now that winter is coming (GoT reference) I'll be on the bike trainer even more. Especially since I've registered for two big races next year.  So, I needed a new pair of trainer readers.  The local pharmacy where I purchased my previous pair of CliC glasses doesn't sell them anymore and I wasn't able to find a local vendor so I turned to  For about $30.00 I ordered a new pair of CliC glasses using the magnification specified on a pair of cheap and heavy readers I had laying around the house.

Tag (inside)
Tag (front and back)
Close-up view of the glasses
Magnet at the bridge
Temples at their shortest
Temples at their longest
I know these are just reading glasses but they're the only readers that when you see a perfect stranger wearing them, in a restaurant for example, you're likely to offer an unsolicited comment about them.

Thanks for reading.