Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fat Fight!

My wife has decided that we're going on a diet. For the next 30 days or so there will be no cookies, pie, donuts or even alcohol. I know, that's going too far! Coffee will be black or with a little milk and sugar but no Half & Half. We'll see how long this lasts.

To get this project started Susan and I did some grocery shopping at Your Dekalb Farmers Market in Decatur, Georgia.  We've shopped there for years. Starting when we lived close by in north Decatur. Now that we live 30 miles away on Atlanta's south side we make the trip about once every two weeks to stock up.

The shopping cart shows a host of veggies but fear not, we also bought some meat. We are not going veterinarian or vegan.
The reduced caloric intake from all these plants accompanied with increased workouts should give the spare tire around my waist a run for its money. I upped my training run distance 13% from 6.2 miles (10K) to 7 miles today. Just adding 0.8 miles burns an additional 60 to 80 calories.  I'll run this new distance for a few weeks until my pace improves.

Pomegranate mocktails
To celebrate our better dietary choices Susan made us some Pomegranate mocktails using Pom Hula, club soda, and lime.

Salmon dinner
Susan made King Salmon fillets w/pesto, fresh organic steamed spinach, brown rice, and a side dish of baked Roma tomatoes, with basil, and a Parmesan cheese crust.

Thanks for reading.