Friday, October 2, 2015

Seeing some Improvement

It's been exactly 3 weeks since I started training again.  So far I've only run 6.2 miles during each of my four recent outings all of which were on the same course.  My first run, post hernia surgery, was on September 23rd.  I ran that day at a pace of 9:31 minutes per mile.  During today's run my pace was 8:15 minutes per mile.  A significant improvement.  I've been wary of causing any injury and have started to notice a bit of pain in my right ankle.  My poor ankles are having to haul around a 20-lbs heavier me.  Today was also my first run sans spandex.  I wore a new pair of running shorts I picked up yesterday on sale at the local Nike store.  They get a thumbs up on my first run.

My one hour bike trainer rides are also improving.  It feels good to get back on the hamster wheel.  More on that later.

Thanks for reading.