Sunday, November 22, 2015

LGHS Winter Fitness Ride

The Locust Grove High School (LGHS) Winter Fitness Ride is a weekly Saturday morning ride. The ride starts at 10 a.m. from, as the name suggests Locust Grove High School in Locust Grove, Georgia. The first ride was on November 14th. I attended the second ride the following weekend on November 21st. This was only my second ride on the road in months and was a great opportunity to meet with friends and talk about cycling.

We were 7 riders all bundled up for the day. The temperature was in the forties when we started and warmed up to the fifties when we finished. The sun never did come out. I wore a neck warmer, tights, shoe covers, long gloves, a long-sleeve Under Armour shirt, short sleeve bike jersey, long-sleeve cycling jacket, and bike shorts.I could have done without the sunglasses but alas, that's all I had with me. The weather was cool and humid. We had a bit of drizzle during the ride but nothing to worry about.

Before the ride - Joe, James, Alex, Neil, Rob, Matt (left to right) (photo credit - David)
The route was set by McDonough/Locust Grove resident David Mills. We covered 30 miles and made several stops to regroup. It wasn't a kill or be killed kind of ride, just a fun day outside.

We stopped for a photo at a house fully decorated for Christmas.

Christmas Photo Op - Matt, David, Neil, Alex, Rob, and James (front to back) (photo credit - Joe)
It was a great ride. I really enjoyed the company of my old riding buddies. I've been somewhat of a recluse lately but that's all about to change as the real training starts soon. If I'm going to be in any form to race in May I've got to start now.

Thanks for reading.