Saturday, May 21, 2016

Special Delivery Coming Soon!

I moved my Nest camera from the boring view of my front yard to the view of a mother bird and her eggs.  Making full use of some clothes hanger I fashioned a stick pole camera holder right over the nest. I disabled the night-vision so as not to disturb the birdies.

Camera setup
Update 6/21/16: The baby birds are gone now but here's a clip created just before the left  the nest.

The momma bird's entry into motherhood didn't start as one might expect. I noticed the mother bird wasn't in her nest so I took the opportunity to install the camera. Shortly afterward a bird flew into the nest and stole the lone egg. I doubt that it was a result of my camera being there. There may have been something wrong with the egg and the mother got rid of it or maybe another bird stole it and her nest. Either way, I'm hoping for the best for the new babies.

Thanks for viewing.