Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016 Lake Spivey Road Race

My neighbors and I decided to man a water station on Emerald Drive 3 miles from the end of the Lake Spivey Road Race 15K. My wife Susan and I thought it would be a good way to spend some early Saturday morning leisure time outside in the cold fall air with my neighbors. We searched the Internet for motivational music and poster ideas. We ended up with a playlist of a dozen songs or so including the old standard including; Bill Conti's - Fly Away Now (the Rocky theme song), Journey's - Eye of the Tiger, Alicia Keys - This Girl is On Fire, etc. Susan was right on time to play Alicia Keys whenever she saw a lady coming down the hill toward our table.

This Girl is on Fire
The water station was stocked with orange slices, Gatorade, purified water, Halloween candy, and coffee and doughnuts from Duncan Doughnuts for the volunteers. We bought poster paper for our signs which I made the night before, 6 too early to think about coloring between the lines.

Water station setup
The station was all setup by about 8 a.m.. The first runners weren't expected until sometime after 8:30 a.m.. That gave us 30 minutes for the kids to write stuff in chalk on the street.

Chalk writing in the street
Our offering were made available to about 50 runners this morning. Most of them ran right by not partaking in what we had to offer though I'm sure they all drank in the encouragement we offered.

The crew
I tried to take pictures of all the runners that passed by but I missed a few. I found that I've become so used to taking pictures with my cellphone that I hardly know how to operate my Nikon DSLR camera anymore. Here a link to the online photo album I created - Lake Spivey Road Race 2016.

Results for this year's race are on the Orion Racing website. More pictures can be found on the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.