Sunday, October 23, 2016

2xhome TV Wall Mount

I installed a new 2xhome TV wall mount and shelves this week. I ordered the unit from Amazon for $42.49 plus $17.50 shipping for a total of $59.99. I had previously purchased and installed what seemed to be a similar unit from Costco. The Costco unit didn't have shelves so that seemed a plus for the 2xhome unit since it was about $20 cheaper. I was installing the same TV that was on the Costco mount so, all things being equal, I thought I should be happy with the mount from Amazon, and I guess I am. The TV is an old Sharp Aquos 52" 1080p LCD unit that, per the specs, weighs 89 lbs.

The 2xhome wall mount is described on Amazon as:
    2xhome - TV Wall Mount with Shelf Up to 85 inches tv Floating Shelf with Strengthened Tempered Glass for DVD Players/Cable Boxes/Games Consoles/TV Accessories, 2 Shelf, Black
  • Universal tv wall mount fits most 30-85"; displays up to 176 Lbs.
  • Premium Knobs design - Security locking the view of positions. Easy to use(IKEA style) full instruction manual; FREE basic hardware included
  • Tilt function up & down 15 degree, only 2.5 inches from wall for a sleek installation
  • VESA Compliant: 200mm x 200mm, 400mm x 400mm , 600mm x 400mm, 700mm x 450mm, 718mm x 450mm
  • 2 glass aluminium shelf is designed to fit under your display and provide an on wall solution for other components such as cable boxes, DVD players, game consoles, and stereo components
I watched several YouTube videos to refresh my memory about the installation process before I started the project. My goal was to remove a TV cabinet, gain some floor space, and hide any cable box wires.

Before picture of TV and cabinet

TV mount and shelf boxes

TV mount packing
TV mount

Power run from outlet below

Satellite TV cable from the basement 
The hole for the cable which I had to move to a location where it was inside the wall cavity instead of outside. Drilling the hole which happened to be located in the crampiest part of my basement was a pain. I bought a 90-degree drill adapter for the job and that did the trick.

Cable and power box
I ran the power and cable to the new "old work" box I installed just below the mounting rack.

Mount, cable and power installed
The wall mount bracket, power outlet, cable place and cover plates are all installed.

TV mounted
The TV is temporarily installed on the mount.

Shelf in box
The shelves came well packed with plenty of hardware. I felt the wall anchors provided were ridiculously large for this application so I replaced them with some smaller ones.

Shelf cable route access tabs
The tabbed wire guides slide to allow for the wire to be adjusted to the right elevation.

Shelves installed

A close-up of the mess behind the TV
I chose a non-recessed outlet and cable plate. Although the cables look a mess I was able to pull them out of sight with a few tie-wraps.

The finished product
The finished product looks pretty good. All the wires are hidden and the TV cabinet is gone.

The 2xhome mount was noticeably less well constructed than the Costco unit. The metal was thinner and the hardware is less well thought-out. The 2xhome unit is rated for a TV that is "30-85"; displays up to 176 Lbs". I would never use this mount for a TV heavier than mine. The hangers seem just too light weight. The installation took me 4 days and 3 trips to the hardware store. I have lots of tools. The items I didn't have were the ones for running the cables inside the wall, the smaller wall anchors, a drywall saw, and the 90-degree drill adapter. It took me 4 days because I only worked on it a few hours each day before going to work.

In summary, the 2xhome wall mount did what I need it to do. I'll probable feel better about it when it's holding a newer/lighter TV.

Thanks for reading

Update (11/1/16): For a second TV I used a different wall mount. This time I went with the Mount-It! Universal Flat/Tilt Mount for 40-70 Inch Panel LED,LCD, PLASMA TVs (Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, Toshiba) for my Sharp Aquos 60" TV. This unit has no shelf but does have a bubble level attached to the wall bracket. The price was $33.99 for the 42" to 70" model.

Mount-It! 42" to 70" wall bracket installed
The hangers on this unit seemed more substantial than those on the 2xhome version.