Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bike Shoe Cleat Float Problem

I had some hip pain after my Wilson 100 ride last weekend. It was 102 miles with brand new shoes and brand new cleats. What makes it worse was that most of it was ridden in the aero position on my tribike. The pain has diminished over the past few days but isn't completely gone. I don't want it to continue and impact my running so I set out to investigate the issue.

I think I've identified the problem to the float of the Look Keo cleats I just installed on my new Lake Cycling TX312 tri-shoes. There should be 4.5-degrees of float with the gray cleats. I initially thought that I'd misaligned the cleats so I put my old shoes on my bike and check the distance from the center of the heal to my crank. I did the same with my new shoes for comparison. That's when I noticed that, although the cleats were the same model, the new cleats only moved with some force applied.

It's possible that the float issue will correct itself with more use. I'm glad that I noticed this problem well before Ironman Florida.

Thanks for reading.