Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Third Virtual Race on Zwift

I completed my third virtual race on Zwift this week. As with my two previous races, I think I raced well but didn't finish well. It's a lot harder than I expected. I can usually keep up with the leaders for a while but, as with this race, eventually I faded off the back. My times are respectable, I think, but racing in the B category is tough.

This race was on Zwift's virtual 2015 International Cycling Union (UCI) World Championship course in Richmond, Virginia. As with the other races I've done, this was a World Bicycle Relief (WBR) race so I edited my profile name accordingly.

We lined up for the start with the other riders. That's me on the light blue bike in the green jersey and orange cap.

I took a few snapshots of my statistics after the ride.

My ride uploaded to Strava.

If nothing else, these races tax me physically. I racked up thirty-five (35) Strava achievements during this one race. This is a course I've ridden forty-five (45) times over the past two years. I checked my results on Zwift Power too - 11th place.

Zwift Power (Zwift - WBR 4 Flat Lap #pst B) Race Results
Zwift Power lists my three race results.

Zwift Power Statistics for 3 races
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