My 2016 Races, etc.

Hello new age-group!  I've been waiting for you for a long time.  Since I plan to race the Ironman Chattanooga triathlon in September 2016 I need to plan my races accordingly.  My plan is to qualify for Kona in Chattanooga (thanks partly to my old age) so I'll need to ramp up my training and race entries accordingly.

My list of races currently includes the following races.

May 22nd - Ironman Chattanooga (70.3) - Chattanooga, Tennessee - DNS
September 25th - Ironman Chattanooga (140.6) - Chattanooga, Tennessee - DNS

For motivation I'll re-new my memberships with my local running/cycling/triathlon clubs.  I don't typically maintain my membership in all these clubs from year to year.  I've been a member at some point of all of them, except the Peachtree City Tri Club, through the years.  These clubs should be the best way to find local athletes training in my area.  Finding another person who has registered for Ironman Chattanooga might be a little harder.

Listed below are the local clubs I plan to join.  The duration of each club membership is often not readily apparent on their respective website so I'll have to do some investigating.  In other words, are memberships for the calendar year or otherwise?  I'd prefer not to join a club late in the year only to have my membership expire before I even start training.

Atlanta Track Club (Done - Individual 18 month membership for $35 and good through 12/31/16)
Peachtree City Running Club -
Peachtree City Triathlon Club -
Southern Bicycle League -
Southside Cycling - (Done - Good through 12/31/16)
USA Triathlon - (Done - 2 year membership for $90 and good through 9/23/17)

I'll be checking the Georgia Multisports website throughout the year for additional races.